About the Comic

This started as a joke. A sick, sad, twisted joke.

And it still is.

Please don't sue me. Huge squealing amounts of respect to Mr. Gaiman, Burton, Smith, Elfman, and Eldritch. There USED to be a "they'll never see this ANYway" bit here, but that turned out to be utterly false.

About the "Artist"

A. Mauchline lives in Vancouver, BC. (That's in Canada, for you American types.) She resides with her spectacularly talented little sister in a slanted apartment with an art-deco sundial/golfish pool out front. The sordid details of her life can be viewed in her livejournal.
Contact her at violentsound@yahoo.ca or on AIM under the handle 'violentsound'
Also... she can't type.

(INFrequently Asked Questions)

What's with the title? - Nice Hair is obviously meant sarcastically. It occured to me one day that a large number of the men I admire have really strange hair. (Incidentally, this could be considered the pot calling the kettle black...)

Why do you make fun of these guys if you like them? - I make fun of everything I love. Family reunions end with my relatives in tears.

Is it true you freaked out when Gaiman saw the site and made an ass of yourself? - Yes. But he's so cool he ignored my retardedness.

Your drawings suck. - Yeah, your GRANDPA! No, seriously, I admit this isn't my best work. This is actually the comic I work on when I'm sick of doing 'real' work.

Why are you so mean? - Nobody really knows, but I sure have fun.